November 4, 2021

5 Ways You Will Know Your Med Spa Website Needs a Refresh

When was the last time you checked your med spa website? Have you revisited it since you first put it up on the internet? You might think that you don’t need to keep your med spa website updated regularly, but you would be surprised how fast beauty trends can change or how quickly your website can go from responsive to non-responsive for third-party users. If you’ve left your website untouched for a long while, then it is time to consider upgrading its design and layout by inserting a personalized search optimization strategy (SEO) into your med spa business plan to help improve your Google rank and increase online traffic. 

Why Updating Your Website Is Important

A website that is not fully optimized can potentially deter users from staying on it for long. You never want a prospective patient to have an unpleasant user experience when visiting your med spa’s website. Updating your website will not only make sure that every link works the way it is supposed to and each image is visible to users, but it will also allow you to track marketing trends, your online presence, and lead conversations in a very competitive and fast growing industry. That is why it is important to do routine maintenance with SEO on your med spa website to check for flaws in its accessibility or design.

How to Renovate Your Med Spa Website

If your website isn’t easy to navigate or understand, users will be more likely to leave it and find the information they are looking for somewhere else. However, it might not be obvious to you  that something is wrong with your website’s interface in the first place. One way to easily check and see if your website needs a tune up is to conduct an SEO website audit. The results from any audit will help you determine the aspects of your med spa website that are lacking so you can go in and fix them. Let’s explore five different ways to tell your med spa website needs to be refreshed:

Outdated Med Spa Blog

No one wants to read a blog that is more than a year old, especially in the ever changing and evolving beauty industry. If the contents of your med spa blog are not current with modern trends or published in regular intervals, your website is more likely to be passed over for other blogs that provide users quality information at a consistent pace. Building your med spa blog’s library with relevant content your audience wants to read and is beneficial for them is important because it will not only help increase online traffic to your med spa website, but it will also increase its rank on search engines as well as establish credibility and trust among your audience. 

Update Your Brand

Any internal business decisions or changes relating to your brand that your med spa undergoes should be reflected on your website as well. A clear and creative brand helps people identify your business and the services it provides. If your med spa got a new name, color scheme, or logo, make sure they are displayed properly everywhere on your website so users aren’t confused about what your brand image is when they visit your med spa website. 

Change Out of Date Contact Info

Just like with your brand, if you made any changes to your address or phone number, make sure that you update your med spa’s GMB business profile and website. If prospective patients are unable to call or locate your med spa, then you will ultimately lose out on their business. That is why it is important to spend a considerable amount of time reviewing your website thoroughly to ensure your current contact information is listed.

Exhibiting Old Patient Testimonials

How often do you update patient reviews featured on your med spa website? Showcasing old reviews will signal to your audience that you haven’t had new business in a while, which is not the image you want to project on your website. Reach out to your loyal patients and ask them to write a review for your med spa website. You would be surprised at how many would be more than happy to do so.

Keep Up With ADA Compliance

If your website for your med spa is not ADA compliant, your business could potentially be faced with lawsuits if it is not easily accessible to everyone, especially people with disabilities. Be sure to freshen up on the current regulations for website compliance, as well as the verdicts of past federal court cases. By making sure your website follows the ADA’s guidelines, you will be able to increase both your online presence and traffic, while optimizing your website at the same time. 

Revitalizing Your Med Spa Website

Maintaining your med spa website is vital to attracting new business and enhancing your online presence in organic search results. Use an SEO strategy as part of your marketing plan to help you update your website and restore it to a fully operable state.

If you’re unsure on how to upgrade your website and are feeling overwhelmed, call electiv to schedule a consultation today. Our team of SEO experts will assist you with renovating your med spa website thoroughly and help you increase your five-star Google ranking.