December 1, 2021

Med Spa SEO: How Important Are Links for Rankings?

Whether you believe it or not, links are a crucial part of any search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. They not only improve your search engine results page (SERP) ranking, but also help establish your med spa website as a reliable source of information to all those who visit. Both are essential to SEO if you want to increase online traffic to your website and build a relationship with other websites within your online community. If you’re a med spa owner and want to guarantee your med spa website will pop up in the top three search results on search engines, like Google, then you should consider employing a strong SEO strategy as part of your business model.

What Are Links?

Have you ever visited a website, or read a blog, where you clicked on some text that was underlined and highlighted a different color than the rest of the article or page and it took you to another website entirely? Understanding how to use links on your med spa website properly is important in order to signal authority and credibility to prospective clients.

A link, also known as a “hyperlink,” is a clickable object that is used to join two separate websites together in an effort to make navigation easier for users, while also improving your SERP ranking simultaneously. This is vital to the process of link building, which is designed to help increase the amount of quality inbound links to your med spa website and is directly related to how Google ranks your website. However, it is also very important to know the difference between backlinks, internal links, and outbound links before you start using them.

These are the main three types of links that are tools used in SEO to help enhance a website’s credibility and rank on Google:

  • Outbound links: A link on your website that takes users to a different domain
  • Internal links: Links that direct users to a different part of your own website
  • Inbound links: Also called backlinks, is a link from other websites that lead users to yours

Implementing an SEO marketing strategy that focuses on hyperlinking and link building will not only boost your visibility, but it will also prove to SERPs and users alike that your website is trustworthy, which in turn will stimulate more online traffic for your med spa.

How to Use Links to Your Advantage

Once you’ve decided to use SEO to insert links into your website, you will want to figure out the most effective method to execute them correctly in a way that draws more attention to your content. While all three link types are significant in influencing and manipulating your online presence, backlinks are the most valuable of them all because search engines consider them as endorsements for your website. The more recommendations your med spa website receives through these external links, the more likely SERPs will regard its content as informative and reliable. However, it is essential to keep these key tips in mind before embedding links into your website:

Avoid Unnatural Links

In order to steer clear of unnatural links, you first need to understand what they are and how to spot them. An unnatural link is a counterfeit link that is intentionally designed to manipulate a website’s ranking in a negative or damaging way. These can be links created by spammers or ones that were purchased. However, they can often be difficult to find in general, which is why it is hard to avoid them all the time. One way you can prevent unnatural links from attaching themselves to your med spa website is to choose your outbound links carefully. It is up to you to determine whether or not a link is unnatural.

Utilize Anchor Text

As previously mentioned, an anchor text is a clickable link that describes the article or blog that yours is linked to. You want to make sure your website has a lot of them, however, you should choose them with careful and thoughtful consideration—especially when it comes to outbound links. The anchor text is the most important part of an inbound link that search engines look for in any organic search result, so you don’t want any link on your med spa website that leads to one that is not credible, called a “link farm.” This will only cause your SERP rank to go down and divert your audience to a more reliable source. Always do your research and double check a source’s reputation before using it as a link on your website. 

Build Trust and Credibility

It has also been stressed throughout this article that using link building in your med spa’s SEO strategy will let Google and other search engines know that your website is dependable and provides content that is educational and honest. When your website is filled with links that lead other credible sources, it is more likely to receive a higher ranking overall on any SERP. Link building will allow you to take control of your online presence and also help promote online traffic.

Improving Your Rankings With Links

One of the best ways to increase your online rankings with SERPs is to design and execute an SEO strategy that focuses intently on link building and hyperlinks. However, if you want to enhance your med spa website’s online visibility and attract more people to your content, but still don’t know where to start, then contact one of our SEO professionals today and schedule a consultation. We will ensure your website is full of natural links that influence and support a high SERP ranking.